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I am lady Konstance. Do you want to know more about me?

  • Viennese
  • born 1992
  • german, englisch
  • Parfum Davidoff – Cool Water / Jean Paul Gaultier – Classique
  • 1,66m
  • Lind Chocolade
  • Roses
  • Perdomo 10th Anniversary Sun Grown  (Cigar)
  • sparkling water

I am lady Konstance, seemingly innocent and playful Venus trap who, just like a spider, will catch you in her cobweb where you will be helplessly subjected to my pleasure and sadistic desires.

Suddenly an innocent blond angel with a sweet smile will turn into a sultry demonic temptress who will now treat you only as her prey.

You are helplessly looking at the approach of a sweet apple shaped ass, which is very slowly sinking on your face and gradually robs you of your breath.

Now you have been turned into her slave who will gratefully fulfil all the phantasies of his Mistress and will beg permission to subject his whole body and soul to her.

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Foot-Shoe-Stocking fetish
Golden Showers
Prostate Massage
Long-term service
Light Training
Anal Stretching
Beginners induction
Breath control
Hands on Bizarre Erotic
Bizarre Erotic
Chest and Testicle torture
Worn panties
Erotic bondage games
Strong fixations
Strap-on usage
Vax Play
Electricity usage
Pet play
Flagellantism (flogging)
Sadistic games
Tease & Denial
Gynecological Exam
Forced shave
Classical training
Illegal practices
Lasting marks
Scat Play